1. No new money. The government is clear that becoming an academy should not bring about any financial advantage for a school. Academies get the same funding per pupil as any other school.The only difference is they receive money direct from the government to buy in a range of services no longer provided by the Local Authority, such as support for students with Special Educational Needs.

2. No evidence of improved educational standards. There is absolutely no evidence that if a school converts to an academy it will raise the level of educational achievement by students.

3. No Local Authority safety net. Academies take responsibility for a range of liabilities ranging from pensions to buildings maintenance. And if something goes wrong, for example a flood or a fire, they can no longer turn to the Local Authority for help.

4. Experienced staff may leave. Attempts to change how and when staff work or to break with nationally agreed terms and conditions could be demoralising and affect the school’s success.

5. The democratically-elected Local Authority no longer has a say in the running of an academy. It is run by a charitable company called an academy trust. The evidence shows academies have fewer parent governors and staff representatives. And if a parent disagrees with a decision and cannot resolve the matter with the academy, they can no longer turn to the Local Authority. Effectively there is no local avenue of complaint.




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