Clare’s Conflict of Interest with Lumen Christi Academy’s Articles of Association

It is quite clear that the Clare Madden vote here and here and here on the change for the Christmas term dates was in direct contradiction to the Lumen Christi Academy Company Articles of Associati…

Source: Clare’s Conflict of Interest with Lumen Christi Academy’s Articles of Association


Trojan Farce

The date escapes us but papers were served and the Academy formed.  Lets quickly summarise the Trojan:

  1. Academies can opt out of the national curriculum.
  2. Academies can free themselves from the control of local authorities.
  3. Academies can change the times of the school day and term time.
  4. Academies can change the pay and conditions of service of their teachers.
  5. Academies can get more money.
  6. Academies can decide how to spend their money.

You know what else they’ll say: synergy, co-operation, collaboration, excellence, control, performance, expectation, etc, etc..

Hang-on this doesn’t sound too bad does it.  What can go wrongLets look at the Farce:

  1. The term dates get changed in an Academy Chain with around 2490 pupils in total, only 30% of which in year 7 are actually from the Primary feeder schools.
  2. Academies are given £25,000 to pay for the legal costs of conversion. Local authorities also have to pay for these costs out of Council Tax revenue.
  3. We’re glossing over several other aspects of this here…

Given that so few pupils in year 7 are from the Primary Schools in the Lumen Christi Academy there is going to be a disproportionate affect (negative)  on the Families whose children attend Local Authority schools or whose parents work in them! Leap forward a few millennia and the decision wouldn’t look out of place in the dark ages where it was every-man for himself!

Undoubtedly the worst aspect of academy conversion is the direct effect on parents and the family.

Note of interest > There are 2 Government petition running asking to Hold a public inquiry and a referendum over turning all schools into academies and another to Scrap plans to force state schools to become academies.