Parents can you request the support of your local Ward Councillors?

The wheels of the big institution move slowly – one week back and still no word from the Principals or Board members of the Lumen Christi Academy.   No one can find board minutes and no one knows when the next board meeting is. The board has been sent petitions with almost a combined total of 300 signatures on them.

We just want our voice heard but given the way the Academy has acted/enforced this decision we are under no illusion that we will need the support of our community to get the MAC to listen to our concerns.

We are asking that you email YOUR local Councillor requesting they make representations to the Board of Lumen Christi Academy about the change of the Christmas terms dates and include a link to the petitions in your email.  So for example perhaps you could cut and paste this and email it to your local Councillor….

Dear Councillor,

I am writing to inform you of a decision that has been taken at the Lumen Christi Academy to change the Christmas Holiday Term Dates.

As your constituent, whose children are at [INSERT SCHOOL NAME] will be affected by the alteration of the term dates I can confirm this will make life very difficult for, a lot of parents who have children at one of the many other Birmingham primary or secondary schools NOT within the Lumen Christ MAC, teachers or staff who work in other LA schools will have problems, and parents who have fixed term contracts where the Terms and Conditions will not be as flexible will be considering their options.

We also believe that this decision will also have an impact on LA schools within Birmingham.

The following petitions have been setup by the parents of the schools. We urge you to read the comments from some of the parents of the schools.

Many Thanks

A list Councilors is below, if you live in a ward that is not listed below you can find yours here

Bournville Ward Councillors

Phil Walkling
Telephone 0121 303 2039

Rob Sealey
Telephone 0121 314 8903

Timothy Huxtable
Telephone 0121 303 2130

Kings Norton Ward Councillors

Valerie Seabright
Telephone 0121 303 2039

Simon Jevon
Telephone 0121 303 2130

Peter Griffiths
Telephone 0121 303 2039

Northfield Ward Councillors

Brett O’Reilly
Telephone 0121 303 2039

Randal Brew
Telephone 0121 475 8246

Debbie Clancy
Telephone 0121 475 9130

Selly Oak Ward Councillors

Karen McCarthy
Telephone 0121 303 2039

Changese Khan
Telephone 0121 303 2039

Brigid Jones
Telephone 0121 303 1077


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