100 Signatures later…

During a busy week for parents we have still managed to get 100 signatures on our petition asking that the Lumen Christi Academy Board of Directors  reverse its decision to change the term dates at Christmas.  This obviously means a lot to people as that’s an average of 14 signatures per day over the last 7 days.

The issue has been in the the press again in the Birmingham Mail which highlighted the petition organised by a parent at St Brigids Catholic Primary School in Northfield – this petition has nearly 200 signatures.

As it is half term we understand why we have not heard from the Lumen Christi Academy but we all want an answer on this next week. We wait their response!

Here are some quotes from the petition …

Well isn’t the MAC of to a good start!? Fine example of integrity, accountability and transparency-just as predicted!

I work hard all year & want to spend my full Christmas holiday with my full family. But as I have 3 children in different 2 schools with different Christmas term dates this won’t happen!  How are the academy allowed to do this without consulting parents first? surely it’s against all Catholic & family values ? I am so disappointed in our school after all the support & loyalty we showed as parents during the recent special measures status. We stood by the school then & want them to stand by us now & reverse this decision.


A decision made about the Christmas school holidays without parent consultation is discraceful. I value every work free day spent with my children and to hear this will be shortened over the Christmas holiday is causing me great concern.

My husband and I need our children to have holidays when we have holidays. We try to be with our children whenever they are not in school and the new dates will completely affect our holidays for the worse. Please, take this petition into consideration.

Have signed both petitons. I believe this to be an underhanded way to boost applications to STACS. Some parents have children in other catholic schools not in this MAC! Bring on the unauthorised attendances. That effects your targets not ours!

If you feel your voice has not been heard you can write directly to the directors and secretary (as of Feb 2016) of the Lumen Christi Academy Board below using this email address: h.parrish@stacs.org

  • Director Peter John Vince.
  • Director  Peter John Middleton.
  • Secretary Hollie Parrish.
  • Director  John Carr.
  • Director Mary Margaret Daniels.
  • Director  Adam Hardy.
  • Director  David Holmes.
  • Director  Clare Madden.



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