Happy Christmas – Lumen Christi Catholic Multi-Academy

Parents of St Josephs Catholic Primary School have discovered through the local newspaper, The Birmingham Mail , that the  MAC (Lumen Christi Catholic Multi-Academy) has changed the Christmas Holiday Terms Dates from December 16 – January 3 to December 21 – January 9.

Across Birmingham many Schools are guided by Birmingham City Council as to when school holidays take place and common sense prevails so most Schools and Academies follow this guidance.

However the MAC has come to the conclusion that they need to change this for the benefit of all – well at least those schools in the MAC.  To-date the parents have not had formal notice of this change so we are unsure on what basis the decision was made or what the benefits will be for the families involved. The article in the Mail refers to ‘a range of factors’, ‘to focus on Advent’ and ‘the benefits of cheaper holidays outside of the normal school holiday periods’ were behind the decision taken by the Principals at all six schools.

Further more it is alarming that the Principals did not feel the personal responsibility to contact the parents first about this matter.  Decisions made like this just fit the Academy Glove!

OK. Consider this MAC:

  1. You have one child in one school with one set of terms dates and another in a school with a different set of term dates.
  2. You work in school with one set of term dates and your child / children are in another school with a different set of terms dates.
  3. You are a single parent with 1 or 2.
  4. You or your partner are on a  short term contract or are self employed with 1.
  5. The holiday period stretches from 2 weeks to 3 weeks if you are in 1 or 2.
  6. Can you cram in all the extra work to earn an additional 8 days off in lieu so you can cover your child care.
  7. Just to keep your employer happy your January – December work-life-balance agreement has a stuttered start!

So as you can see, a quick blast, and we’ve racked up 6 or 7 issues that family’s at St Josephs will have to face.

Notwithstanding the numerous personal family issues surrounding a decision like this – Santa better bring some child care for the parents!

If you feel this is an issue for you please contact the school and make your concerns heard.


One thought on “Happy Christmas – Lumen Christi Catholic Multi-Academy

  1. I was disappointed to find out this change via social media. Poor communication from the school and it appears the staff were not notified either despite the news being shared on the St Brigids Twitter page 2 days ago.
    As my husbands work has a shut down period, he is now unable to spend a large chunk of his valuable time off with our children.
    Where was the consultation?

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