conversion to becoming a “sponsored academy” – what does it mean?

Re-blogged from the above link one of the perceived benefits of becoming an Academy …


And what is still termed the ‘governing body’ is simply the local committee to which the trust board may (or may not) allow some freedoms.

And so it is a complete nonsense to say that the school has gained freedoms.

It has, in law, ceased to exist as a separate legal entity – it is now under the total control of the trust. It has no freedom at all because it does not exist to have freedom!

The governing body (or head teacher) will only (say) be able to decide which cleaning company, coach company or builders to engage if the trust gives it/them that ‘freedom’.

Likewise, it can only set its own (say) uniform policy or even make its own curriculum decisions within the limits set by the trust.

To many, that will look like a dramatic loss of freedom.


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